Group & Private Yoga

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Functional Anatomy
Trained in Functional Anatomy, Creative Nature will work with each client to determine the best postures to target key areas & meet physical goals.

Private, Semi-Private, & Small-group

Creative Nature aims to meet clients where they are and encourage discovery along the way. Private and semi-private sessions offer clients the opportunity to integrate yoga practices at their own pace.

Clients receive personalized programming and attention during their yoga journey and it all begins with a no-cost meeting.

Led to guide
Stephanie comes with over 20 years experience educating and continues to learn and grow to better serve the community.


Yoga Flow
all levels 60 min
Designed to link breath to movement, and build strength, stability, & ease through a Vinyasa class.  (gentle to vigorous)
Saturdays 9a

Yin Yoga
all levels 75 min
Yin Yoga is a practice in stillness and release. Yin energy is patient, steady, and slow. Invite & embrace harmony into your energy & body by balancing the Yang energy of life.
Monthly Sundays 7p 

Private & Semi-Private
By appointment only

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Adventure is Calling...

Are you Ready?

Find your Flow

Your creative energy reminds you to make time for play, to move and imagine.

The first step in beginning a yoga practice, and often the most challenging is to choose.  

The choice is ultimately yours alone, and you have support on your side.  

Creative Nature Yoga listens to your needs, and curates programming to meet you where you are and challenge you to evolve into what you and where you want to be.

The choice is yours, the journey is yours, AND you are not alone.

Schedule a free consultation with Stephanie to begin the yoga journey.

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