Creative Nature offers cultivated experiences that are a journey back to your creativity, connection to nature, and simple living. 

It's time to come back into alignment with your                                

authentic truth.


It's time to come back into alignment with your 

authentic truth

Current News & Upcoming Events

Full Moon Reflections & Yoga

Thurs, 25 APR 730-8:45 pm

Enjoy an evening class in community to peak into the window of opportunity provided by the full moon.  @MYRIADYOGA

Monthly Yoga for Mental Health

 17 Apr 2024 630pm

Seva: Selfless service:
Join us every 3rd Wed for yoga class designed to support the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.     Register here

Mexico Yoga-Adventure

October 24-30, 2024

Pack your bags and sun hats for your next Mexico yoga-adventure,  a Day of the Dead Experience

Apply today!!  
2024 Trip- Info Here

My Monthly Mantra

Monthly Mantra:

I move easily with the shifts of life.

I carry the stillness of winter with me as I step into the action of spring.



Let's return to our mats to connect mind, body, and spirit into unity. Each session combines breathwork, yoga postural practices, philosophy, and meditation.  

We are creative beings, and are meant to experiment, play, and get creative.  Even better when you can pair creative energy with eco-friendly options for sustainability.

Discover the jungles of the Yucatán on a weeklong Yoga-Adventure Trip to Mérida, Mx

2024 October 

Fire Ceremonies serve as a way to reconnect with the wheel of time through rituals and traditions across space, cultures, and nature.

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I feel most inspired when I am guiding others through activity and being witness to their learning and growth; encouraging connections to each other, to nature, to our skill-sets, and authentic being; and reminding others they have a choice in their life’s path.

It takes a village, period. To raise children. To support and lift up each other. We are all in this together. It is my mission to provide educational and spiritual practices to guide others back to their authenticity, to know the whole universe exists within them, and there lie limitless possibilities.

Stephanie Schroeder 

Your Creative Nature Guide

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500 RYT

Yin + Vinyasa
Functional Approach
Yoga Teacher

20 Years



BS Psychology
MAT Spanish 

5 Years

Experience as a
Yoga Teacher


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Stephanie’s yoga instruction goes beyond the basic understanding of the postures into the depths of how those postures help align body and soul. In her everyday yoga practices, she includes elements of the mind – body connection to reinforce the benefits of each posture. She balances just the right amount of encouragement to help me push to my edge with the reminder to not push beyond my comfort in that practice.

 Finally, I have thoroughly enjoyed her moon flow practices where we have time to reflect on the cycle of the moon and how our lives mimic in some ways the changing tides of the moon phase. We use that lesson to clear our heads, physically clear away negative thoughts and channel that energy into a full practice. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start or continue their practice, to anyone with a particular physical difficulty with yoga and to anyone searching for a deeper personal connection with their practice. 

Jill R

Stephanie is an incredibly thoughtful yoga teacher, always designing classes with purpose and theme. Her style is supportive, the "meet you where you are" kind! Through her yoga classes, and moon circles, I've been able to breath and move authentically; connect myself to nature's cycle; and continuously come back to myself.

Madison B

I’ve been having one on one Spanish conversations with Stephanie for almost a year now. She is attentive and actively pushes you outside of your comfort zone. She challenges you because she knows you can do more. I appreciate our conversations and love that I get to practice Spanish on a regular basis. I recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge and skill in the Spanish language.

He sido un cliente de Stephanie por casi un año. Ella es muy atenta y me anima a hacer un esfuerzo. Ella me anima porque sabe muy bien que puedo hacer más. Aprecio nuestras conversaciones y me gusta mucho que puedo practicar el español cada día. Recomiendo a Stephanie a cualquier persona que quiera profundizar el conocimiento de la lengua española.

Jeremiah E

Stephanie is such a lovely teacher. She has so much knowledge that you leave class always learning something new. She leaves you inspired by her words, and I recommend checking her yoga classes and social media for a dose of happiness. 

Fatimaeliza G

Stephanie’s Spanish program is as close to immersion as you can get without living in a Spanish-speaking country. She encourages and supports Spanish in all forms. I was constantly amazed at what she offered and what she expected, as we rose to the challenge of using Spanish to communicate, from daily Marco Polo video chats to class presentations, to gathering information by reading from a varied list of resources and listening and watching videos, some made by Mexican friends of Stephanie’s, which gave us a chance to converse with native speakers in their own homes. I cooked a Mexican dish, watched a movie in Spanish, and built an altar in memory of my Aunt Betty on the Day of the Day all because of Stephanie. She is very accessible and always there to give support in any way she can. I would recommend her program to anyone who truly wants to improve his or her Spanish.

Cristy C