Yoga & Cultural Retreat OCTOBER 2024

Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

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Creative Nature offers one annual trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Each offers a connected sense of community, creative energetic connections to nature, and exploration of the vast history, culture, and way of life of the Mayan and Mexican people.

Join Stephanie and a small group of fellow adventurers as you discover your inner connection to nature and community through service, yoga practice (on and off the mat), and exploring the Yucatán’s History, Culture, Architecture, Anthropology and so much more on a 5-7 day pilgrimage.

Stephanie has been visiting Mexico for 20 years. She has often said that Mexico is one of the three loves of her life: herself, her children, and her beloved Mexico.

She has said, “Mexico is as much a part of the fabric of who I am as the breath that I take, like the love that I hold for my children and myself. I embrace Mexico, and all that it means to be Mexican. I cherish and hold dear the customs, beliefs, connections to nature, culture and history of this beautiful country and people. Mexico is a part of each heartbeat, and it is the goal of Creative Nature to be able to share that joy, bliss and love with others.”

¡Hola Amigos!

Adventure is Calling...

Are you Ready?

Exploring new lands and new cultures engages your senses in an entirely different way.

Creative Nature invites you to explore Mexico through a yogic lens.

Our experiences offer clients an opportunity to show up and allow the adventure to envelop them.

A week-long experience to reset, restore, and renew. 

Each trip includes:

+ Small-group attention
+ Personal Yoga Teacher
+ Personal Local Guide
+ Daily Yoga & Meditation
+ Process Journal
+ Two Daily Adventures
+ Private Lodging
+ Shamanic Ceremony
+ Meals

Discover how other cultures live among nature, how they use nature in their daily practices through immersive, interactive experiences.

Daily Adventures may include:

+Chichen Itza & Ik Kil
+ Ruta Puuc & El Mirador
+ City Tours
+ Water Adventure Activities
+Family-style dinner
+ Beach Day

Reconnect to your inner wonder through the unique perspectives you gain through discovery, through stepping out of your normal routine, and witnessing life through the eyes of cultural, historical, and anthropological insights and creativity in and with nature.

Immerse & Expand

Create using Nature with local artisan  

Day of the Dead
Celebrate Ancestral Magic & Wisdom 

Have you ever wanted to visit the ancient Mayan civilizations to learn how they lived, how they worshipped, and how they built community?

Often times you find yourself at a resort and later on a large bus with many other tourists.  

You feel lost in a sea of other faces, not real connection to your guide, and rushed through the sites to keep everyone moving at the same pace.

Creative Nature offers something much more intimate and personalized.

October 2024 Retreat: Day of the Dead Experience

24-30 October 2024

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