Creative Nature offers small-group instruction and private yoga sessions to guide you into your most authentic truth, your inner creative nature.  

Creative Nature's Weekly Offerings 
 2 small-group classes, one teen yoga program, and space for private one-to-one.

Have an upcoming event or small-group gathering? 
Consider a yoga practice as a way to build community or break the ice!

 Join Stephanie on a personal journey to the deeper levels of your awareness through uniquely designed asana-practices and meditations.

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Group & Private Yoga


Create with nature

Creative energy is inherent in all beings.  We are, by our unique nature, creative.  At some point in life we forget to make time for play, to create and imagine.

Creating is a meditative practice, and when coupled with the natural world we are connecting deeply to ourselves and mother earth in ritual practices.

Creative Nature creates up-cycled products using elements of nature, adding a creative twist, and cultivating sustainable ways to create and reduce waste.

Creative Energy

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Creative Nature Products

Coming January 2023


Soul Sister Candles
Hand-poured, signature blended scents, in up-cycled & hand-painted jars
Table Napkins
Hand-sewn with unique colors & designs, reduce paper products
Hand crafted necklace pendants & earrings

Coming 2023
Creative Nature

Align with your Seasons

Embark on a connective journey with the cycles of seasonal shifts.  Honor and celebrate seasonal shifts engaged in community & gathered around a fire for ceremony & ritual practices to pay homage to subtle shifts of natural energy.

Each session includes story-telling & discussion, reflection & journal writing, creative play & Yoga-asana, and meditation 

2023 Fire Ceremonies

Rumblings of Spring 
29 January
Restoring Balance
16 March
Mystic Union
30 Apr
22 June
30 July
17 Sept
21-28 Oct- Cultural Retreat Mexico
Enlightened Yule
17 Dec

Align with Nature


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Cultural-Yoga Retreat 2023

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Creative Nature offers two annual trips to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Each offers a connected sense of community, creative energetic connections to nature, and exploration of the vast history, culture, and way of life of the Mayan and Mexican people.

Join Stephanie and a small group of fellow adventurers as you discover your inner connection to nature and community through service, yoga practice (on and off the mat), and exploring the Yucatán’s History, Culture, Architecture, Anthropology and so much more on a 7-day pilgrimage.

Stephanie has been visiting Mexico for 20 years. She has often said that Mexico is one of the three loves of her life: herself, her children, and her beloved Mexico.

She has said, “Mexico is as much a part of the fabric of who I am as the breath that I take, like the love that I hold for my children and myself. I embrace Mexico, and all that it means to be Mexican. I cherish and hold dear the customs, beliefs, connections to nature, culture and history of this beautiful country and people. Mexico is a part of each heartbeat, and it is the goal of Creative Nature to be able to share that joy, bliss and love with others.”

Yucatan Peninsula Mexico