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Creative Nature offers 8 fire ceremonies throughout the year during nature's movement.

Following the cycles, the wheel of the year allows us to reconnect to our innate inner nature.

Everything in nature is patterned.  This is not exclusive to human nature.

Fire Ceremonies provide an opportunity to reconnect to the fabric of our human nature when we look at our cycles through the lens of story-telling, natural patterns, and community.

Align with your seasons

Embark on a connective journey with the cycles of seasonal shifts.

Honor and celebrate seasonal shifts engaged in community & gathered around a fire for ceremony & ritual practices to pay homage to subtle shifts of natural energy.

Each session includes story-telling & discussion, reflection & journal writing, creative play & Yoga-asana, and meditation

2024 Fire Ceremonies 

Rumblings of Spring 28 Jan
Restoring Balance 17 Mar
Mystic Union 28 Apr
Sanctity 16 Jun
Completion  28 Jul
Summoning 22 Sept
Awakening 24-30 Oct (Mex)
Enlightened Yule 15 Dec

Adventure is Calling...

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Engage your inner Ceremony

Aligning your cycles with subtle shifts of Nature

Nature offers many gifts, how to release and start anew, to view the world with fresh eyes, and wonder.  

Nature is a guide to rest and stillness, flourishing abundance, and alignment into authenticity.

Experience your cyclical nature in alignment with the subtle shifts of nature in a communal environment.  

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Reconnect with your inherent nature through story-telling!

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Ceremony every 6 weeks

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